"Rarely is a new restaurant or retail location merely a design and build it process."

- Bruce Russo.

The reality is, no single component of any successful business enterprise exists in a vacuum. Everything must work in tandem from initial design to several months after serving its first patrons. A great design and well constructed asset must be anchored with a successful opening. We are all aware of well designed spaces with great concepts and good execution of fare that were out of business a short time after, that left many scratching their heads.


Opening a new concept, or even a new location for an existing concept, is not an event - it is a process. Many have operated food and beverage operations. However, few have successfully opened one. Unequivocally, the importance of training and proper delivery of product, service and customer relationship building must be flawless during the first 30 days. If the execution and delivery are poorly implemented, expect an eighteen month process to repair what was done inadequately, to regain consumer trust and for patrons to return. Bruce Russo brings an established brand with market clout via a variety of mediums and a wealth of experience in all phases to provide a "turnkey" experience for an entity's investment.





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